Why Kandinsky is the Greatest Painter of All Time

Ever since I learned about realism, surrealism and abstraction, the three major art forms, there were some particular abstract works that caught my attention as I browsed Google images. ‘Several Circles’ was the first magnum opus that led me on a long-term journey to gaining valuable insights of Vasily Kandinsky’s great artistic works.

One reason why I believe he is the greatest painter is because his works convey a highly vivid level of imagination that could only come from a person who has synesthesia, which results in some very unique paintings that I have not seen any other artist in history imitate to the same openness for interpretation.

Secondly, I simply don’t feel as though realism has been needed ever since photography became widely available in the early 20th Century, since its goal is to mimic reality when it can be captured far quicker with a camera, thus rending this art form obsolete in my opinion.

Also, surrealism is one of the modern art movements that came about in the 1900s, popularised to a large extent by the controversial Salvador Dali. His works are perhaps the most hallucinogenic oil paintings that have ever been produced, often with a murky sky and images of what look like anthropomorphic beings that are either living or deceased depending on the image. He was, of course, a legendary Catalonian artist whose most notable work is, ‘The Persistence of Memory’ which is familiar to most people in western culture.

However, despite other important painters such as Picasso and van Gogh making excellent contributions to the world of fine art, I still maintain that in the end, there can only be one aforementioned winner in this ancient craft. In order to really understand the uplifting nature of Kandinsky’s works, one can observe most of his art by simply googling his name, and with all the colour, geometry, faces and glowing orbs, one will never look at art the same way again. Words simply cannot express all the detail within these paintings.

To conclude this post, I would like to endorse the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for their broad art collection in the city of New York, which I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance to do so. Otherwise, you can buy many famous works in their online store, including the one I purchased which is displayed below.

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